Scanning, Reproduction and Conversion


Spectrum can transfer your old videos to new DVD movies.

Prices for transfers:

1 VHS to DVD : $19

1 8mm VIDEO to DVD : $19

1 Mini-dv to DVD: $19

Make extra copies of the DVD master for just $10. DVD and CD duplicating services are also available. Combine scanning services with video authoring to make DVD Movie slideshows – great for Weddings, Anniversary Parties and Memorials.  Don’t lose your memories!


Spectrum has added in-house transfer of your audio cassettes . You can get  the files on USB drive or get a standard audio CD for a CD player. Up to 72 minutes of material can be put on a CD Audio disc. If you want mp3 file Spectrum can pit them on your portable had drive on usb drives. (USB drives sold starting at $16.)

The basic cost of converting up to 72 minutes of audio from tape is $35. 


Spectrum has two types of slide digitizing. Use our Economy Slide Capture to digitize and record your slides to CD at just 50 cents per slide. Economy capture is available only at orders of 50 or more slides. This is a great way to preserve slide images and use the digital files to further make computer based slide shows and make small digital prints.

If you need the ultimate in print quality from the slides, Spectrum also offers the Pro Scan option. Using a very expensive scanning system, this is the best choice for sharp printing or detailed post scan cropping.At $1 per scan you get a 1200×1800 ppi file with basic color correction on a closed loop calibrated system. At $ 2 per scan you can get a 2400×3600 ppi scan.Once you have made digital files from your 2×2 35mm slides, you can make prints or rendered video movie slide shows from the files. These services are priced separately.


Spectrum can offer high quality photo scanning suitable for enlargement reprinting or Bulk scanning suitable for on-screen viewing or small print making. 

For bulk scanning make sure that all prints are out of albums, not sticky, larger than a wallet size and no bigger than an 8×10. Also, make sure that they are not board mounted. If any prints can’t meet those standards, they can be done as a pro scan at the higher price. For bulk print scans there is a $20 minimum order. 


Self Serve Scanning and Full Service Print-to-Print is also available at Spectrum. Self-Service scanning is available at one of our regular order kiosks. (1/12/2019). Full service print-to-print is when you let Spectrum do all the work, including optimizing resolution color and contrast to make new prints from your existing print. 4×6 p-to-p starts at $2.50 each.  5×7’s are $3.50. Additional retouching or correction services are available at additional cost.


For old 8mm film transfers call or stop by Spectrum. We do 8mm and Super8 transfers on the premises in most cases. We use a frame-by-frame scanner to capture the film frame and then edit out damaged or bad sections. Finally we make a DVD Video disc or an MP4 File for you to enjoy. We would be happy to give an estimate on your project when you bring the film into Spectrum. Cost is lsrgely based on the footage of film.