Block Mount Prints

We can print and mount your photos or graphic on Standout Blocks for a sleek, modern look. This is a super economical way to make a professional presentation. CLICK HERE to begin the product creation.You can order 8×10* or 11×14* size block mounts online. For other sizes stop in our store or call.

Block mounts come with black edges. You can use block mounts for more than photos. Try it with Art, Menus, wayfinding signs or any printed flat material. 8×10 nominal size block mounts are just $14 including printing and mounting of the photo so in addition to a great look, you get a great value.

* sizes listed above are nominal sizes. The finished size is 1/2″ less in size to allow for trimming after mounting. Kind of like a quarter-pound burger you know – the precooked weight.